The slatted flooring KURA S is made to measure for every slatted floor geometry. Large‐area mats extending over several slatted floor elements and our proven fixing system with patented rubber pegs ensure outstanding dimensional and form stability. Driving on the mats, manure removal with scrapers and use of robot scrapers are possible. KURA S ensures your slatted floor is cattle friendly, thereby promoting their health and natural behavior. As a simple solution for renovation projects, it is a quick and easy way to meet legal standards.

  • For walking alleys in dairy barns
  • For the pen husbandry of calves and young cattle up to 250 kg
  • Better cleanliness for calves: According to ordinances TierSchNutztV (DE) and FtTT (AT), a slit width of 30 mm is only permitted with rubber flooring.
  • Compliance with standard DIN 3763: Sufficiently soft or elastically deformable within the meaning of the new German Animal Protection - Livestock Ordinance (TierSchNutztV) (DIN class 2)

Technical data

Dimensions Thickness Width Length
KURA S 24 mm Custom-made Custom-made
Floor prerequisites Slit width Tread width
  From 30 mm From 80 mm
  (From 24 mm technically feasible on special request)  

The mats are made to dimension by our specialists drawing upon many years of real‐world experience. Stability also plays a key role in this.
In addition to the slit and tread width in the slatted floor, feeding, aeration, occupation, etc. are essential for ensuring clean floors.

Application area
For every slatted floor geometry
Slatted floor in the walking alley
Calves, young cattle or beef calves in pen husbandry: Up to 250 kg (or 350 kg if the animals are kept in the same pen for the entire fattening/breeding period)
For greater animal weights in pen husbandry, we recommend LOSPA SB or LOSPA swiss
Walking areas: Installation
Optional with selective pediKURA abrasion zones (20%) for targeted hoof abrasion (concentration of abrasive constituents in the surface): Installation generally in highly frequented areas
Pen husbandry: Full covering is worthwhile!
To ensure less injuries and need-based behavior for all your animals, we recommend installation of rubber flooring in the entire pen.
Partial covering with rubber flooring: When feeding, animals should either stand on the mat fully or not at all! This is also relevant for long-term functionality.
Find more details about this in our
Installation and fixing
Single mats are very easy to handle
The mats are fixed in the slits with special fixing elements.
KRAIBURG fixing system: Patented rubber pegs prevent lateral slipping – flush with the mat
Maintenance tip
Keep slatted flooring as clean as possible Essential for hoof health and slip resistance!
Treatment with a high-pressure cleaner and standard cleaning agents possible.
Installation video: Installing KRAIBURG slatted flooring
Installation video: Installing slatted flooring (pen)

KRAIBURG warranty
5 years
Detailed information on our warranty (with consideration of the service life) is available upon request from your contractual partner / dealer.

Thickness: +3/–2 mm
Width + length: +/– 1.5% (DIN ISO 3302–1 tolerance class M4)

Please refer to the relevant KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions, which provide valuable hints and tips.

The products featured here are exclusively intended for the demonstrated applications. Technical details subject to change. Our General Terms and Conditions apply. Legal basis is the German version of the document.

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