Our environmental contribution

With KRAIBURG rubber flooring you do not only provide more animal welfare, but also contribute to environmental protection!

Our priority is to recycle high-quality raw materials by our unique manufacturing process! 

Our unique recycling procedure was one of the TOP TEN best recycling ideas in the Pro-Sieben (German TV) science programme "Galileo"! 

Premium quality rubber from resource-saving production

Reasonable upcycling

Tyres are an ideal raw material: they have just taken care of your safety on the road. As soon as a few millimetres of profile are missing, long-lasting products for animal housing are produced from them, in which the important properties of the tyre (form-stable, elastic, abrasion-resistant) are retained.

Tyre rubber contains a lot of valuable natural rubber and can thus be reused in an ecologically sustainable manner.

The sophisticated manufacturing process enables us to feed offcuts back into the rubber cycle, i. e. we can produce almost without waste.

Our purity rule

We refrain from regenerated rubber, textile fabric, chalk or other inferior fillers – for high-quality and environmentally friendly products!​​​​

We recycle every year:

ca. 35,000 t RUBBER = ca. 7.5 m CAR TYRES

Used KRAIBURG solid rubber products that you want to dispose of can be taken back by us at the factory. It is essential to contact us beforehand to clarify the conditions for the return.

Eckhard Bohner
Gummiwerk KRAIBURG Elastik GmbH & Co. KG

Göllstraße 8
84529 Tittmoning

Transparent tests on relevant pollutants

We are the 1st COMPANY to have registered our products for the DLG's PAH test and passed with flying colours!

As part of the DLG quality audit CONTINUOUS MONITORING they are now regularly tested – completely in line with responsible environmental and consumer protection.

PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are formed during the combustion of organic materials and are found everywhere in our environment. Some of them are considered carcinogenic.

It all depends on the plasticizer

The decisive factor is whether or not PAHs are released from the products into the environment. Safety for the environment and health is important to us:

Instead of mineral plasticizer oils we use vegetable oils from European cultivation!

A DLG market overview shows that some rubber mats currently available on the market exceed the guide values for PAH migration by multiples and should be regarded as critical.

Climate protection at KRAIBURG

Reduction of ammonia emissions

Urine on walking areas is the main source of ammonia formation in the barn. It is therefore necessary to dissipate it quickly (via a slope, smooth surface, etc.). On hard ground animals tend to slip quickly.

Our rubber mats specially developed to reduce emissions also offer animal-friendly softness as well as the necessary grip and promote dry claws!

Positive eco-balance

A study carried out by the BOKU Vienna shows that rubber flooring in walking areas is not only positive in terms of animal welfare, but also from an environmental point of view. The environmental costs caused by production and transport of rubber mats can be more than made up by an increase in animal welfare.

The use of rubber mats in walking areas enhances claw health and the well-being of the cows. This results in an increase in milk yield, which in turn reduces the environmental impact per kg of milk.