DLG-Siegel anerkannt für Verformbarkeit/Elastizität, DauertrittbelastungDLG-Siegel anerkannt für Rutschfestigkeit


23 mm thick – for young cattle and fattening cattle in pen husbandry

Young cattle

Fattening cattle

Dairy cattle

More comfort
and fewer injuries
Integrated slope
promotes drying
ammonia emissions
weight gain

Slatted flooring with curved surface for higher loads

The slatted flooring LOSPA SB is made to measure for common longitudinal and cross slits.
Large‐area mats extending over several slatted floor elements and our proven fixing system with extra strong rubber pegs ensure outstanding dimensional and form stability. The reinforced, curved (cambered) surface with approx. 5% slope towards the slits facilitates the drainage of liquids, allowing the mat to dry faster. This improves slip resistance and reduces the amount of ammonia released (up to 38% less ammonia*).  As a simple solution for renovation projects, it is a quick and easy way to meet legal standards. LOSPA SB ensures your slatted floor is cattle friendly, thereby promoting their health and natural behavior.

  • For common longitudinal and cross slits above animal weights of 250 kg

  • Curved, reinforced surface for high loads

  • Compliance with standard DIN 3763: Sufficiently soft or elastically deformable within the meaning of the new German Animal Protection – Livestock Ordinance (TierSchNutztV) (DIN class 1)

  • Eligible for support in various countries as an emission-reducing rubber mat

LOSPA SB fact sheet
23 mm
Width × length
Curved, reinforced

* KTBL, 2022: Eligible techniques for reducing emissions in livestock buildings

Technical data

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Instructions & downloads

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Healthier animals & higher productivity

Slatted rubber flooring ensures greater slip resistance and comfort. This is demonstrated, for example, by fewer injuries, natural movement patterns and the preference of animals for rubber. On rubber flooring, bulls reach slaughter weight faster than animals housed on concrete slatted floors.

Fewer injuries

Joint and hoof health improves significantly on rubber mats compared to concrete slatted floors. Tail tip injuries are also much less common and less pronounced on a soft floor, as soft conditions underfoot reduce the severity of bruising.

Source: Graunke et. al., 2011
Source: Graunke et. al., 2011
Source: Zerbe F., Mayer C., Kjaer J., 2008

Faster weight gain

Greater weight gains due to increased comfort, better energy balance and feed conversion lead to significantly shorter fattening periods.
The fact that fattening bulls on rubber tend to reach slaughter maturity earlier has also been verified in a study conducted by the Götala Research Center, which investigated the influence of concrete slatted floors compared to rubber flooring on 80 Swedish Holstein bull calves.

Source: Graunke et. al., 2011
Source: Bahrs, 2005

Animals choose rubber

Fattening bulls can move safely and are visibly more comfortable on elastic, slip‐resistant rubber flooring. They can lie down and get up naturally and pain‐free, and less heat is lost through the floor when lying down. In a study conducted by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Munich, partial covering of the pens showed that fattening bulls clearly preferred the areas covered with rubber.
(Generally speaking, we recommend full covering to ensure that even lower-ranking or weaker animals can benefit from the flooring. Find more details about this in our Installation criteria for fully slatted pens.)

Natural animal behavior

Rubber flooring protects the joints, meaning getting up and lying down occurs naturally and more frequently. This obviously promotes feed intake. Improved sure‐footedness supports more balanced behavior and well‐being.

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An oasis for the bulls

"The LOSPA SB mats significantly contribute to animal health and welfare. In comparison to bedded stalls, I noticed an additional weight gain of 50 kg per animal within 10 months on the rubber mats!"

Kobold farm, Langenpreising, Germany