In Tittmoning/Germany for more than 50 years

Using a unique process, we have been developing and producing innovative and high-quality rubber mats for animal husbandry since 1968.

We are part of the KRAIBURG Group, which has established itself as a skilled specialist in the rubber business since 1947.

The KRAIBURG factory premises over time

Our continuous growth


Our start in Tittmoning

In 1968, the KRAIBURG Group takes over the company "Wöhl" and founds the Gummiwerk KRAIBURG Elastik GmbH in Tittmoning.

New recycling procedure
Company founder Peter Schmidt has the vision of a new recycling procedure: to process the high-quality raw material resulting from tire retreading into products.

With a staff of 10 employees and three small production units the production of elastic slabs starts.
KRAIBURG Elastik premises at this time


The first animal housing mat press

With the first production unit "Press 1" the production of animal house mats starts.


Big capacity expansion with new production unit

The new production unit "Press 9" with more than 600,000 m² (= 100 soccer fields) production capacity per years gets started.

  • Thus, KRAIBURG is ahead of many other manufacturers in the business regarding price and quality.
"Press 9"
"Press 9" stands in this newly built hall
KRAIBURG Elastik premises at this time


New technical center for research and development

  • Material and product tests can be carried out in the own laboratory
  • The in-house development department moves in


New: Cutting with water

KRAIBURG starts with new technology high pressure water jet cutting of rubber mats.

The first water jet cutting unit gets started.
Water jet cutting unit


Increase for customized products

The demand for custom-made products increases steadily.

  • From now on there is a separate department for customized products.
  • The third water jet cutting unit starts.


ISO-certification and new mixing technology

The KRAIBURG quality management system is certified with the worldwide ISO 9001 standard for the first time.

The first "planetary-gear extruder" for compound production is introduced.

Planetary-gear extruder


New technology of LongLine-production (lying mats as continuous roll system)

Start of the first two "LongLine"-presses.


New stock and dispatch center

Start at the new stock and dispatch center with adequate hall in the industrial area Tittmoning-Mayerhofen.

The big new hub
New production hall
The "LongLine"-production lines
The water jet cutting unit


Big facility expansion

  • New 2-storey production hall with
    • LongLine-production (lying mats as continuous roll systems)
    • New water jet cutting unit (number 6)
  • Relocation of the parking lot
  • Expansion of the storage area by 3,000 m²


Big capacity increase

Facility expansion: Start of the new production unit "Press 18"

  • State-of-the-art ventilation technology, low-noise electrical systems and heat recovery for cooling the large control cabinets
  • Capacity expansion of 700,000 m²: production capacity increases to 2.5 million m² / year
Festive inauguration
"Press 18"
Regular sampling and testing by the DLG


Conversion of the plasticizer oil and passed PAH test

Instead of mineral plasticizer oils, we now use vegetable oils from European cultivation.

We have been the first company to pass the DLG quality audit with flying colours. Both the entire production process and the environmental compatibility (PAH harmless) will now continue to be tested regularly.


New waterjet cutting unit with double cutting head

For many years, we have been using waterjet cutting technology for the custom manufacturing of our products. With a pressure of over 3,500 bar, the waterjet cuts our rubber mats "like butter" and extremely precisely. 

With our latest cutting unit we go one step further: This unit cuts with two cutting heads in parallel. For example, two slatted floor fixings can be cut from the raw mat at the same time in one cutting process. This makes the cutting process even more efficient.

New waterjet cutting unit with double cutting head

The KRAIBURG products

From its origin until today


The first mat for animal housing is tested and approved by the DLG (German Agricultural Society)

The "KRAIBURG Riefenstallmatte" (rubber mat with grooves on lower side) gets officially tested and approved by the DLG, the German Agricultural Society.

The certificate


The first elastic flooring for slatted floors is launched on the market: ESPA

  • The rubber is backfilled with concrete. This means that the concrete slatted floor is fixed permanently to the rubber. The disadvantages are recognized soon: The fixed connection of rubber and concrete limits both softness and durability. In addition, the mats can not be flexibly installed or replaced.
  • To solve these problems, the loose, elastic slatted flooring is developed later: LOSPA, which has proven itself to this day.


The first perforated mat

The first KRAIBURG perforated mat is launched.

Surface diamond pattern, lower side studs.
Soft Bed System


Two new products

  • Product innovation Soft Bed System: This is the first time foam is used in the barn.

  • Product launch KEN (simple lying mat with studs): KEN is still used in tying stalls today.


Important milestone for a new generation of lying mats

With a new production line it becomes possible to produce thicker mats with more details (edge, slope,...). This moves away from the very simple mats.

Product innovation KEW (KRAIBURG single mat soft bed)
This is the first lying mat of the new generation:

  • With foam core
  • With many details: Surrounding rim, different softness zones and slope
Festive inauguration of the KEW mat
KEW mat in the barn
The interlocking puzzle in detail


The KRAIBURG puzzle interlock system is born

From the idea at the desk over the laboratory into the cow house: The puzzle interlock system as an ideal combination of single mat and continuous roll.


First thicker mat without foam

Product launch KSL (KRAIBURG single mat without foam): This was the first thicker, soft lying mat on the market that did not use foam.

KSL (KRAIBURG single mat without foam)
The KRAIBURG cozy mat KKM
KURA P for paved / concrete areas
KURA is awarded with the DLG Innovation Award in silver by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) at the EuroTier 2002.
Presentation at the EuroTier booth with our humorous scraper model.


Cozy mat KKM and the first walking area flooring KURA

The KRAIBURG cozy mat KKM is launched.

We are the first manufacturer to introduce walking area mats to the market: KURA. As option for paved / concrete areas and custom-made for slatted floors.


Product launch KEW Plus

The new 3-layer comfort lying mat.

KEW Plus
During the installation of KEW Plus
The BELMONDO® horse mat


The first BELMONDO® horse mat is launched

More information on BELMONDO horse mats at kraiburg‐


New products CALMA and LENTA

  • CALMA: Lying mat especially for young cattle
  • LENTA: Mat for tying stalls
CALMA in the young cattle barn
SIESTA in practice
LOSPA swiss


More products conquer the market

  • pediKURA: The first walking area mat with integrated abrasive for selective claw abrasion
  • SIESTA: For calving pen / selection area
  • LOSPA swiss: For fattening bulls and young cattle in pens
  • ergoMILK: For the milking pit
  • WINGFLEX: Innovative comfort lying mat - 6 cm thick and without foam
  • ergoBOARD: The first brisket board made of rubber


New products KURA Flush / SUN and maxiBOX

  • KURA Flush / SUN: For manure removal with Flushing-system respectively direct solar radiation
  • maxiBOX: For the elevated deep bedded stall
KURA Flush
Soft Bed LongLine


New "LongLine"

Soft Bed LongLine: the classic "Soft Bed System" from 1996 is reissued.


New products KARERA, maxiBOARD and VITA

  • KARERA: Walking area mat for basic comfort
  • maxiBOARD: Brisket board
  • VITA: For calving pen / selection area
VITA in practice
KIM single mat


New products profiKURA and KIM

  • profiKURA: Walking area mat for optimized claw abrasion
  • KIM: The lying area covering KIM LongLine is now also available as KIM single mat


New products profiKURA S and WELA LongLine

  • profiKURA S: Custom-made slatted flooring for optimized claw abrasion
  • WELA LongLine: 5 cm thick, innovative continuous system with sensational softness
profiKURA S
WELA LongLine
KURA SB in practice.
LOMAX in practice.
MONTA in practice.
TARSA receives DLG Innovation Award in silver.


New generation of slat mats, TARSA receives DLG Innovation Award

New generation of slat mats – with slope towards the slit:

  • KURA SB: For fattening of veal calves & beef calves in pens
  • LOSPA SB: For fattening bulls and heifers in pens

New products for special areas:

  • LOMAX: Perforated mat for muddy soil
  • MONTA: For steep passages

TARSA receives DLG Innovation Award in silver.


WELA as single mat

WELA – the popular comfort mattress as continuous roll system is now also available as single mat.


First product for deep bedded stalls

POLSTA: the deep bedded stall cushion.


Emission reducing walking area mats

New generation of emission reducing walking area mats with slope, softness and grip for dry hooves:

Our new slat mat EMIRA achieves a 47 % reduction in ammonia emissions in practical tests in the Netherlands!

profiKURA 3D
profiKURA 3D in the walking alley
KEW Plus as LongLine option
KEW Plus as Solo option (single mat without connecting bar)


profiKURA 3D and new options of KEW Plus

  • profiKURA 3D: Walking alley mat with integrated emission reducing slope
  • The ever-popular KEW Plus mattress system is now also available as a Solo or LongLine option.


Softbed LongLine

The popular Soft Bed LongLine gets an upgrade

Our original, the KRAIBURG Soft Bed, has proven itself for 26 years. Now it is significantly improved and replaced by the new Softbed LongLine continuous roll system.

Softbed LongLine – compared to its predecessor – gets by with fewer components, which makes installation much easier (no more separate sealing strips!). The upper mat is made of one piece, as the slope and edge are already integrated into the mat.

KEW Plus TarsaCare
KEW Plus TarsaCare in the free stall


New mattress system for free stalls: KEW Plus TarsaCare

KEW Plus TarsaCare combines all the advantages of our proven KEW Plus – but has even more to offer: The especially designed pliant comfort zone in the hock zone is gentle on the sensitive hock joints and beds them as dry as possible. 


profiDRAIN drain channel mat with proven profiKURA surface

With profiDRAIN, our emission-reducing drain channel mat, we have gained good experience in selected markets in recent years. Now it is available in all countries. Thanks to the curved walking surfaces, liquids are drained quickly and reliably into the channels. It thus combines everything in one: animal-friendly softness, optimized grip, dry hooves and emission reduction.