About us

KRAIBURG – leading the way in the rubber industry

The KRAIBURG Group has established itself as a competent specialist in the rubber business since 1947.

Your specialist in animal house flooring – with more than 50 years experience

As part of this group, we have been developing and producing innovative and high-quality rubber mats for animal housing with a unique process since 1968.

With over 200 employees we combine rubber expertise with specialist knowledge of animal husbandry at the Tittmoning/ Germany site and we are among the internationally leading suppliers of animal house flooring made of rubber.

Innovative products for better animal welfare

The testing of our products directly at the farmer's barn, the intensive exchange with farmers, sales partners as well as consultants and scientists help us to constantly check and improve the quality of our products, to find out the needs of our customers and to identify useful applications and product ideas at an early stage.

For many years we have therefore not only been considered a quality leader in the market, but also an innovation leader!

Made in Germany

KRAIBURG rubber mats for animal housing are a quality product made in Germany. As a German manufacturer, we guarantee that our products will function reliably for years and have the excellent quality regularly confirmed by external inspection and testing institutes.

The rubber is special

Rubber mats are subject to very high stress in animal husbandry.

For more than 50 years we have been manufacturing high-quality rubber mixtures with a unique process. Experience will tell you that not all rubber mats are the same.

Certified quality

To consistently ensure our effective quality and energy management, we are certified according to the worldwide ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 standards.

We test our products in our in-house laboratory and in test barns. We also have them certified by the DLG (results at www.dlg.org/TestReportDatabase). Many products have been examined and licensed by the Austrian specialist department for animal-friendly husbandry and animal protection (results at www.tierschutzkonform.at). 

Of course, the products conform to the new DIN 3763, which defines both technical and animal-related minimum standards for elastic flooring in the walking and lying areas of cattle. The groundwork is the test specifications of the DLG test center. The new standard could also serve as a basis for decision-making in support programmes.

Our goal is to achieve more than just fulfilling general legal requirements, but furthermore apply environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Pioneer in transparency

We have been the first company to be awarded the DLG quality seal CONTINUOUS MONITORING!

These controls regularly cover the entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished product. Both the quality measures from the DLG tests, and our environmental compatibility (here we have achieved PAH test certification, according to the DIN 3762), are inspected during ongoing production.

The process audit is repeated every year, and is therefore higher-ranking than any one-off test conducted by the DLG.

With KRAIBURG rubber flooring you do not only provide more animal welfare, but also contribute to environmental protection!

A look behind the scenes

Our environmental contribution

With KRAIBURG rubber flooring you do not only provide more animal welfare, but also contribute to environmental protection!

Award-winning quality: