DLG-Siegel für Fokus-Test Verformbarkeit/Elastizität, Dauertrittbelastung


ca. 3 cm – air-cushion-like profile for excellent basic comfort

Young cattle


Fattening cattle

Laying irrespective
of the divider arrangement
Consistently soft
and robust
Suitable for every
stall size
Skin friendly
and gentle on the joints

Flexible and robust – specially designed for calves and young cattle

CALMA is specially designed for application in young cattle free stalls and for calves. The air‐cushion‐like profile provides excellent softness and is very robust. The easy‐to‐use single mats are simply interlocked by means of a precise puzzle interlock system. The lower side profile is consistently soft – also in the area of the puzzle interlock system – thereby ensuring the mats can be laid irrespective of the divider arrangement. This results in a virtually jointless lying mat that gradually „grows“ with the animal.

  • Proven, easy-care pebbled surface

  • Chamfer on the rear edge: protects joints, no stumbling edge

  • Dirt barriers in the rear edge of the lower side minimize soiling

CALMA fact sheet
ca. 3 cm
115 cm
140 - 180 cm

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No wear, even after more than ten years

"Stall maintenance is quick and easy. The animals like to lie down on the CALMA mats. Even after more than ten years, you can’t see any worn patches on the rubber!"

Ettenhuber farm, Eggstätt, Germany