The robust rubber brisket board

Young cattle

Dairy cattle

Elastic and
Suitable for every
free stall width
Simple re-bedding from
the head space possible
Can be combined with
various lying mats

The robust rubber brisket board

Rubber brisket boards – designed as gentle limitation in the free stall – enable comfortable lying with free space to the front and perfectly complement the control devices of the free stall. The maxiBOARD is ca. 11 cm high and allows cows to lie in natural positions, for example with stretched out foreleg. Easy on carpal joints when getting up. The rounded shape also enables simple re‐bedding from the head space. maxiBOARD is placed overlapping a little on the lying mat, that allows for easy attachment simultaneously with the mat. Retrofitting is also quite simple. It is a perfect fit for 3 cm thick mats; and for installations with thicker lying mats, a special plastic bar is added underneath.

  • Elastic and robust
  • ­Simple re-bedding from the head space possible
  • Suitable for every free stall width
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11 cm
13 cm
175 cm

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Very durable and robust

"Rebedding is really easy with the maxiBOARD. The brisket board is very durable and robust."

Oberhauser farm, Vachendorf, Germany

Making the barn a quieter place

"The maxiBOARD raises the manger wall at the feeding place. Meaning I can provide more feed. The barn is also a quieter place, as the transponders no longer bang against the concrete."

Brandstetter farm, Polling, Germany