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Large area covering for calving pens and selection areas


Dairy cattle

3-layer composition:
permanent softness
Jointless large
area covering
Reduced amount
of bedding

Comfort & hygiene

Due to its 3‐layer composition, the VITA large area covering provides ideal and durable softness for every load condition and enhances sure‐footedness – also for calves. Bedding is now only used to soak up any liquids and can be easily replaced after each calving. This reduces the amount of bedding used considerably. Moreover, the system can be cleaned and disinfected with ease. The jointless top covering comes in sizes up to 5.25 x 6 m. Frame bars surround the system fully. Covering strips ensure a "neat" closure toward the wall and reduce the amount of soiling.

  • Jointless top covering

  • Fully surrounded system for optimal hygiene

  • Excellent deformability and slip resistance

VITA fact sheet
ca. 6.5 cm
up to 525 cm
up to 600 cm

Technical data

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Substantial savings on bedding with VITA

"With the VITA system in the calving pen, I save a lot of time and bedding, too. The softness means that the cow and also the calf can get up more easily. I wouldn’t want to be without VITA now!"

Jäger farm, Pirach, Germany

Easy care

"With VITA, I save on bedding and maintenance is very easy. I often only need to replace the bedding after every three or four calving sessions. Even after roughly 7 years, I still can’t see any wear on the mats."

Höhensteiger farm, Rosenheim, Germany