profiKURA Flex / Form

All paved surfaces in the dairy barn without stationary or mobile manure removal, such as milking parlors, collecting yards or crossing passages, can be covered with profiKURA Flex / Form. The corundum surface once again offers many advantages due to its excellent slip resistance: Especially in milking parlors, you benefit from more relaxed animals and improved parlor entrance. When it comes to the design, you have a choice between a range of dimensions (profiKURA Flex) or a custom‐made product, including an installation plan (profiKURA Form).

  • All paved walking areas without a manure removal system
  • Wide range of dimensions (profiKURA Flex) or custom-made product (profiKURA Form) possible
profiKURA Flex: Installation example
profiKURA Form: for technical reasons, adjacent surfaces are not puzzled together

Technical data

Dimensions profiKURA Flex Thickness Width Length
2-sided puzzle 24 mm 87.5 / 92 / 96 / 100 / 104.5 / 109 / 113 / 117 / 121.5 / 126 / 130 / 134 / 138.5 / 143 / 147 / 151 / 155.5 / 160 / 164 cm 125 cm
    (Puzzle interlock system wide sides)  
3-sided puzzle 24 mm 82 / 99 / 116 / 133 / 150 / 167 cm 125 cm
    (Puzzle interlock system wide sides and on one longitudinal side)  
4-sided puzzle 24 mm 125 cm 170 cm
Dimensions profiKURA Form Thickness Width Length
  24 mm Custom-made Custom-made
Application area
All paved walking areas without a manure removal system (milking parlor, collecting yard, travel lane, crossing passages,…) in the dairy barn

Particularly recommended if, for example, a smear layer can form easily due to drying feces.

Up to max. 6 %
To get the full benefit of the product, we recommend covering all walking areas in the barn.
(Balanced proportion of abrasive medium in the surface)
Installation and fixing
Single mats are very easy to handle.
Prefabricated fixing points facilitate installation.
KRAIBURG fixing system: Stable and secure, rounded and countersunk
Specially designed for surfaces with extreme solar radiation
profiKURA Flex / Form SUN
Expansion slits in the mat compensate for greater thermal expansion
Maintenance tip
Keep the flooring on walking areas and in milking areas as clean as possible Essential for hoof health and slip resistance!
Treatment with a high-pressure cleaner and standard cleaning agents possible.
Installation video: Installing profiKURA / KURA Flex/Form

KRAIBURG warranty
5 years
Detailed information on our warranty (with consideration of the service life) is available upon request from your contractual partner / dealer.

Thickness: +3/–2 mm
Width + length: +/– 1.5% (DIN ISO 3302–1 tolerance class M4)

Please refer to the relevant KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions, which provide valuable hints and tips.

The products featured here are exclusively intended for the demonstrated applications. Technical details subject to change. Our General Terms and Conditions apply. Legal basis is the German version of the document.

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