Hoof abrasion & slip resistance – for slatted floors, walking alleys, rotary parlor carousels, travel lanes

Young cattle

Fattening cattle

Dairy cattle

Extra Grip
hoof abrasion
More activity and natural
animal behavior
Noise and
stress reducing

Optimized hoof abrasion & extra slip resistance

Due to the corundum grit incorporated into the surface, profiKURA offers unique slip resistance. Moreover, the abrasive helps to ensure natural hoof abrasion: The soft‐abrasive surface preserves a high heel and a well‐defined load‐bearing wall edge. Even on heavily drying walking alleys – on which smear layers often form – profiKURA demonstrates excellent slip resistance. Despite this fact, the surface does not have deep profiling, making it very hygienic and easy to clean.

  • Abrasive surface

  • Excellent slip resistance

  • Integrated hoof abrasion

  • Good grip specially designed for smear layer formation

profiKURA fact sheet
24 mm
Depending on the option, also custom-made possible
Width × length
optiGrip with abrasive corundum
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Walking area mats: Safety & healthy hooves

KRAIBURG walking area mats are specially designed to meet the natural needs of cattle:

It is soft and animal friendly, thereby improving hoof health and sure-footedness. The cows express their gratitude through increased activity and enhanced performance. Lame-free cows are more fertile and have a positive impact on work and costs. Animal-friendly walking areas pay for themselves!

Relief to the hoof

Hard ground inevitably causes pressure peaks, especially at the rear outer claw and results in an incorrect load. Our rubber flooring ensures a natural sinking depth of about 3 mm. Pressure measurements carried out by the University of Leipzig on cattle hooves confirmed that pressure peaks on rubber are much smaller than on concrete. This results in enhanced pressure distribution and is comparable to the effect of walking on a pasture.

Source: Oehme et al., 2018
Source: Benz, 2002

Improved hoof health

Cattle are soft soil walkers by nature. Cows experience greater support on elastic ground and their hooves are also relieved thanks to enhanced pressure distribution. Our rubber mats are specially designed to meet these needs. This leads to a significant decrease in mechanical‐traumatic hoof damage.

Higher milk yield

The more comfortable and slip resistant the walking areas, the more active the cows in the barn. As a result, the cows not only feed more, their hooves are also healthier. Overall, these are the various positive aspects that contribute to a greater milk yield. A study by the Van Hall Institute in the Netherlands demonstrated a milk yield increase of about 3.3% per year thanks to improved walking comfort.

Source: Eelkema et al., 2004
Source: Platz et al., 2007

Natural animal behavior

It is well proven that cows walk more each day on rubber flooring than on concrete. Other natural cow behavior, such as licking on three legs to care for the skin in the udder‐thigh gap, also increases. Important for fertility management: On species‐appropriate soft walking areas, cows in heat mount or ride others more often, making estrus detection much easier.

Better fertility

More frequent mounting facilitates estrus detection. This helps to improve fertility performance on the farm. The figures speak for themselves: For instance, the calving‐to‐conception interval can be reduced significantly by using rubber mats in the walking alley.

Source: Werny, 2014
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Information worth knowing about the KRAIBURG mat

From tying stall to free stall barn

A new construction opens up new opportunities. It could not have been clearer for the Bischofs: Animal welfare is always the top priority when making decisions. At the same time, the organic farm was made ready for the next generation thanks to an advanced automation infrastructure.

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German Simmental breeding farm Primbs: exercise yard was equipped with profiKURA P SUN rubber mats.

The good life: New exercise yard, fabulous weather and a wonderfully soft floor on which you can move safely! KRAIBURG walking area flooring is also installed on the walking alleys in the barn. The free stalls are equipped with extra large KEW Plus mattress systems.

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Two liters more milk per cow each day

"With profiKURA, we no longer have problems with silent estrus or hoof injuries. Hoof growth and abrasion are nicely balanced. The cows are much more active, feed more and we achieve a significantly higher milk yield! The investment has really paid off."

Gruber farm, Zwettl, Austria

Cows no longer slip with profiKURA

"The cows are significantly more active on profiKURA mats and no longer slip at all! If feces occasionally freeze onto the rubber in sub-zero temperatures, the ice simply breaks away as soon as the cows tread on the mats."

Pfeiffer-Vogl farm, Haselbach, Austria

Balanced hoof abrasion

"Hoof abrasion is great with the profiKURA P mats! The hoof trimmer only needs to come and trim hooves twice a year. Further, the mats offer excellent slip resistance, the cows are sure-footed enough to properly gallop on them without slipping."

Bichler farm, Siegsdorf, Germany

Sure-footed, even in the wet

"The cows stand very calmly on profiKURA Flex while being milked. Even if the floor is wet from cleaning, the mats offer excellent slip resistance."

Bichler farm, Siegsdorf, Germany

The animals walk very sure-footedly

"The cows move very safely on the profiKURA S mats. When it comes to significantly improved hoof health, rubber is the only alternative in my mind."

Jäger farm, Pirach, Germany