The good life: New exercise yard, fabulous weather and a wonderfully soft floor on which you can move safely!

Number of animals approx. 120 cows
Breed German Simmental
Farmed area 120 ha
Barn occupied since 2014
Country Germany

Where tradition meets innovation

Family run for over 400 years: Gerhard and Irina Primbs’ farm in Schwarzach is a traditional Bavarian farming business. To ensure that the success story can continue for years to come, the Primbs rely not only on tradition but also on innovation. First and foremost, though, the dedicated farm managers prioritize the welfare of the nearly 120 dairy cows and their young – and with KRAIBURG, they have the perfect partner when it comes to barn flooring!

Soft barn flooring for healthy hooves

Since partial pasture access alone is not enough to ensure healthy hooves: Gerhard and Irina Primbs opted for KRAIBURG profiKURA 3D and profiKURA P SUN walking area flooring in the lying alleys and the exercise yard to ensure that their cows enjoy optimum conditions inside the barn. The hooves of the cows can sink in easily, meaning loads are distributed evenly and slipping is prevented. The advantages are quite tangible: More sure‐footedness, less injuries – and, what is more, the rubber mats are easy to clean.

"The rubber mats have changed the gait of the cows completely. They have gone from being slow and lumbering to brisk and lively in their movements."

Irina Primbs
Healthier dairy cows and optimized cow traffic due to soft walking areas.

The ideal design of elevated stalls

The right size of each elevated stall is crucial to provide optimum hygiene and ergonomics in the barn. If the stalls are too short, the animals often lie at an angle in the stalls and their tails tend to hang predominantly in the walking alley. This results in the animals being less clean. To counteract this problem, KRAIBURG consultant Jürg Wiesendanger worked with Irina Primbs on developing an individual solution for the perfect design of the elevated stalls.

The biggest change: The longer KEW Plus lying mats from KRAIBURG replace the existing conventional mats. They are 192 centimeters long instead of the normal 183 centimeters – and make a decisive contribution to optimizing the lying position. In this case a brisket boundary is no longer required, giving the animals additional space. The Primbs embarked on this experiment with remarkable success: The lying position of over 90% of the cows has improved significantly.

"KRAIBURG offers longer mats for elevated stalls. We initially tried them out in six stalls – and it worked out wonderfully!"

Irina Primbs
Longer lying areas for the cows and more comfort with the KRAIBURG KEW Plus mattress system.

An appropriate floor in the sunny exercise yard

The exercise yard at Gerhard and Irina Primb’s farm has the perfect design. It is large enough to ensure the animals get sufficient exercise and offers plenty of sunlight on nice days. Now it was time to also adapt the flooring to the excellent conditions. The profiKURA P SUN rubber mats are specially designed for outdoor areas with extreme solar radiation and were the perfect choice for the sun‐drenched exercise yard.

The hooves of the cows are optimally protected by the soft, near‐natural ground – and the high level of slip resistance ensures that the German Simmental cattle are always jumping for joy!

A safe and happy exercise yard: Soft and slip-resistant floor for the cows.

Making something good even better with KRAIBURG

The family‐run farm was already a real showcase farm even before introducing KRAIBURG rubber mats. All the more impressive are the improvements that the investments in appropriate flooring and optimal elevated stalls have achieved. More safety, improved hoof health and satisfied, high‐performing cows are the result of our collaboration. Here’s to the next 400 years of success at the Primbs’ farm in Schwarzach!

The following products are used on this farm:

Rubber mats in the walking alley Walking alley mat profiKURA 3D
Rubber mats in the elevated stall KEW Plus
Rubber mats in the exercise yard profiKURA P SUN

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