Technical data

Dimensions Thickness Width Length
profiKURA 3D 15 - 75 mm 96 - 198 cm (in 2-cm increments) 125 cm
Application area
Paved walking alleys with manure removal system
Installation and fixing
Single mats are very easy to handle.
Prefabricated fixing points facilitate installation.
KRAIBURG fixing system: Stable and secure, rounded and countersunk
Manure removal
Most scraper models automatically adapt to the slope toward the center of the walking alley or can be adapted – check with the scraper manufacturer, if necessary.
In principle, we recommend the use of scraper facilities that are specially designed for rubber flooring. In the case of conversions, always adapt the scraper facility in consultation with the scraper manufacturer in strict accordance with the KRAIBURG guidelines for manure scrapers.
Robot collectors must be suitable for use on rubber flooring.

Important: Check scrapers at least once a year and grind any sharp edges round!
Use robot collectors according to the specifications and check them regularly!

Maintenance tip
Keep walking area flooring as clean as possible Essential for hoof health and slip resistance!
Treatment with a high-pressure cleaner and standard cleaning agents possible.

KRAIBURG warranty
5 years
Detailed information on our warranty (with consideration of the service life) is available upon request from your contractual partner / dealer.

Thickness: +3/–2 mm
Width + length: +/– 1.5% (DIN ISO 3302–1 tolerance class M4)

Please refer to the relevant KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions, which provide valuable hints and tips.

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