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The comfort deep bedded stall – 4-component system

Dairy cattle

Functional reliability and
consistent comfort
Drainage system
promotes hygiene
Less maintenance
and bedding
Simple re-bedding from the
head space possible

The comfort deep bedded stall

maxiBOX is a special solution that combines the advantages of elevated stalls and deep bedded stalls. The 4‐component system is installed on a ca. 10 cm high concrete surface and used with a ca. 3–5 cm layer of bedding. The maxiLONGLINE rubber flooring (roll) ensures a good basic level of softness, thereby creating year‐round functional reliability with consistent comfort. Rubber brisket board and elastic rubber profile at the rear ensure added comfort when lying down. The integrated slope and drainage grooves in the rubber flooring as well as the drainage openings in the rear rubber bar allow liquids to drain away. Longitudinal profiles – installed on the rubber covering – serve as the lateral lying area boundary and reduce the slipping of bedding.

  • U-shaped surface profiling is particularly good at keeping bedding in place

  • Elastic closure front and rear

  • Integrated slope and drainage grooves in the rubber flooring

  • Drainage openings in the rear rubber bar

  • Also available in XL lying length for more freedom when lying, lying down and getting up

maxiBOX fact sheet
ca. 3 cm
180/195 cm
2.5 - 50 m in 10-cm increments

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