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ca. 10 cm – the ideal addition to the deep bedded stall

Young cattle

Dairy cattle

Replaces the bottom layer of
bedding in the head space
Particularly good at keeping bedding
in place and protects carpal joints
Offers easy
Saves on

The deep bedded stall cushion - the ideal addition to the deep bedded stall

The 10 cm thick cushion consisting of 2 functional layers replaces the bottom, thick layer of bedding in the head space of the deep bedded stall, which is difficult to maintain, and thus provides a permanently stable and comfortable substructure. This protects joints, offers easy management and saves on bedding. The fixings are countersunk in the surrounding edge. The deep bedded stall system remains unchanged in the rear area.

  • Upper mat with large air cushions: Keeps the layer of bedding in place and is super soft

  • Lower mat with blade profile: Ideal cushioning when getting up or lying down

  • Gentle transition from rubber cushion to bedding

POLSTA fact sheet
ca. 10 cm
110 cm
91 cm

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More animal welfare & less work

A stable high milk yield requires animal-friendly housing methods.

For the lying area, this means comfortable, non-slip and clean free stalls, where cows are happy to spend more than 12 hours in a relaxed position. This protects the joints, relieves the hooves and enhances animal welfare.

Less bedding & work

POLSTA is specially designed for the front area of the deep bedded stall. This is where cows often dig unwanted pits, which can only be controlled through time consuming maintenance measures. POLSTA provides a remedy by replacing the bottom, thick layer of bedding in the head space of the deep bedded stall. This offers easy management, thereby reducing the workload. It additionally reduces the amount of required bedding.

Source: Pausch, Moser, 2020
Source: Ofner-Schröck et al., 2018

Healthier joints

The deep bedded stall cushion provides a permanently stable and comfortable substructure in the head space. It prevents joints lying on hard concrete should the layer of bedding have slipped. A study conducted by HBLFA Raumberg‐Gumpenstein, Austria, has shown that this helps to protect the carpal joints. Skin diseases and changes to joints among dairy cows were surveyed on various farms. Although good joint health was prevalent in the barns beforehand, further improvements came about with POLSTA after only a short period of time.

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Optimal solution for a comfortable deep bedded stall

"With POLSTA, the front area offers very good cow comfort. Obviously, our cows enjoy better lying behavior. We’re delighted with the mats and their easy management!"

Zerbe farm, Kamp-Lintfort, Germany

Great mattress formation

"The POLSTA mats keep the mattress in the head space at a constant height. The cows can lie down and enjoy excellent comfort. Compared with previous solutions, carpal joint health has also improved."

Signer farm, Nassen / Dottenwil, Switzerland

Bedding cut by about a quarter

"The deep bedded stalls with POLSTA are always occupied first. Regarding management, we’ve been able to cut bedding by about a quarter. We have five cows in the barn that like to dig; often digging out almost all the bedding of the stalls. With POLSTA, this is no longer the case!"

Gerth farm, Büdingen, (DLG test farm), Germany

Saves time on stall maintenance

"POLSTA is the perfect solution to create a good mattress in the front part of the deep bedded stall. It also saves us a lot of time on stall maintenance."

Baumann-Wetzlmaier farm, Tarsdorf, Austria