Technical data

Dimensions Thickness Width Length
MONTA 24 mm 65 / 130 cm 200 cm
Application area
Steep passages with slopes above 6% grade
Also for stationary, concrete loading ramps for transporting animals to and from the barn

In practice, tested on slopes up to 15% grade

Installation and fixing
Single mats are very easy to handle
Min. 9 fixings / narrow mat or 10 fixings / wide mat
KRAIBURG fixing system: Stable and secure, rounded and countersunk
Compatibility with vehicle traffic
MONTA is compatible with vehicle traffic, e.g. farm yard loader or tractor, up to a max. 10% slope With authorized pneumatic tires for recommended inflation pressure up to max. 4 bar.
Protect mat edges at the start and end of the mat surface.
Max. half walking speed (approx. 2 km/h)
Drive straight ahead only / do not steer any radius
Do not accelerate or brake on the mat
Cleaning and maintenance
Keep mats as clean as possible. Essential for hoof health and slip resistance!
Treatment with a high-pressure cleaner and standard cleaning agents possible.

Thickness: +3/–2 mm
Width + length: +/– 1.5% (DIN ISO 3302–1 tolerance class M4)

Please refer to the relevant KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions, which provide valuable hints and tips.

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