Technical data

Dimensions Strength Width Length
2-sided puzzle 17 mm 95 cm 173 / 350 cm
      (Puzzle interlock system on the longitudinal sides)
4-sided puzzle   95 cm 170 cm
Ground: No holes, no ridges
Regularly remove any lubricating film (e.g. milk fat) from the surface and dry thoroughly to reduce the risk of slipping
Install in a floating fashion and loosely interlock the puzzle cut mats
Cover the milking pit fully to avoid any stumbling edges
Ensure a distance of 2 - 15 cm to the perimeter walls (as a cleaning gutter)
The mats can be cut to size for on-site adaptations

Strength: +3/–2 mm
Width + length: +/– 1.5% (DIN ISO 3302–1 tolerance class M4)

Please refer to the relevant KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions, which provide valuable hints and tips.
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