Soft and secure working position – for milking pit workplaces

Dairy cattle

for the milker
Heat insulating
Easy to clean
and disinfect

The ergonomic mat for the milking pit

We understand the importance of not just cow comfort, but human comfort, too! With ergoMILK, we have developed a mat that is tailored to the needs of the milker in the milking pit. It ensures both tangible softness and a body‐friendly posture while milking. The heat‐insulating properties of the mat provide additional comfort. ergoMILK is installed using a precise puzzle interlock system, ensuring virtually jointless floor areas. It is easy to clean and disinfect.

  • Diamond surface

  • Stud profile for pleasant softness

  • Flexible single mats with puzzle interlock system

ergoMILK fact sheet
17 mm
95 × 173/350 cm
Width × length
Diamond surface
Technical data

Learn more about technical details such as dimensions, accessories, installation, care, etc.

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