With the tractor around Germany

With the tractor around Germany

At halftime of his tour along the German border, Christian Seevers from Fahrenhorst (Lower Saxony) has visited us today with his MAN tractor pulling his "Caravan".

Coming from rainy Berchtesgaden the camping site at the “Leitgeringer” lake (close to Tittmoning) welcomed him with sunshine last night. After 2,000 km, he "refueled" this morning with us and strengthened himself with a couple of white sausages before his onward journey to the next destination Braunau (Austria).

He knew about the Gummiwerk in Tittmoning from his acquaintance with our longstanding partner Arno Hahn. Mr. Seevers wanted to see it because he once even visited a rubber plant in India on one of his trips (not with the tractor!).

He continues his route via Deggendorf towards the Czech Republic and then along the Eastern border northwards. Parts of Poland and the Baltic Sea and even a visit to the Danish neighbours... Started in early April, his faithful MAN will hopefully bring him home in early October after half a year of travels.

Only for the marksmen's festival in Fahrenhorst in mid-June he interrupted his journey for 2 days and went back by train not to miss out on it indeed! It was not for the beer, he assured us, as this is far tastier here in Bavaria than the industry brew up north... Who once has a slow tractor in front don´t get angry, but friendly wave and get down to realize your own dreams, while you still can!