Soft walking areas and AMS: reports from practice

Waldemar Dietrich, Agricultural Company Ltd. Prösen, DE

slatted floor with elastic KRAIBURG walking area floorings at Proesen farm (Germany) with milking robotProfile:
  • 320 dairy cows

  • paved concrete walkways and slatted floors with KURA/pediKURA

“With the KRAIBURG mats we observe five to six mountings during heat. This is the advantage of this mat. Claw health has improved, too.

The quality is good. We still have the same mats in the old cubicle house from 2002 and no abrasion has appeared. In the new cubicle house from 2009 we installed KURA P again and pediKURA in the crossovers. According to our claw trimmer there is not more horn growth. Claw trimming is now more prophylactic, i.e. done for checking the claws.

With four milking robots we have free cow traffic. The cows need to be able to walk well to get to there, but it’s obvious: the cows move well.”

Leonhard and Theresa Brandstetter, Polling, DE

slatted floor with elastic KRAIBURG walking area floorings at Brandstetter farm, Germany, with milking robotProfile:
  • 65 dairy cows
  • slatted floor with KURA S

“I think rubber is ideal for slatted floors. The manure can be pushed through the slits well – so the floor always remains dry and clean.

We are very satisfied with claw health, too. You cannot save directly on claw care, it is integral, but it is actually more for care and checking. We don’t have any more claw injuries like we did in tying stall housing.

It is especially important with the milking robot that the cows walk well and like to walk, because otherwise they don’t go for milking on their own.”

Mr. Stöckel, "Milchgut Triebtal" farm, DE

walking alley with elastic KRAIBURG rubber flooring at Triebtal farm, Germany, with milking robotProfile:
  • 620 dairy cows
  • paved concrete walkways, holding area and travel lane with KURA/pediKURA

“In my opinion the advantages are that the dunging passages can be cleaned better and are drier. In addition, the walkways are softer and more comfortable for cow claws.

From August 2010 to April 2011 we adapted the entire herd to robotic milking. We covered the new areas with KURA P, the crossover alleys with pediKURA P. We observe that the cows slip a lot less. Important is the pain-free, comfortable and safe walking! Otherwise we would need to push the cows more.”

Hans-Heinrich Laabs, Knüllwald-Remsfeld, DE

walking allea with elastic KRAIBURG rubber flooring at Laabs farm, Germany, with milking robotProfile:
  • 60 dairy cows
  • paved concrete walkways with KURA P

“Natural cow movement positively affects heat detection and through this we have achieved higher pregnancy rates.

Furthermore, cow activity is very important on our farm, because they have to walk voluntarily and more often to get milked than on farms with a conventional milking system. On the average we have a 3.5 milking frequency per cow and day. This proves that our cows like to walk on KRAIBURG rubber mats.

The official vet noticed immediately, how relaxed and straight backed the cows walk and not – as can be observed on many other farms – tread cautiously ahead with arched backs. The claw trimmer is enthusiastic about how nicely shaped and healthy the claws are. He only has to trim them, not treat them.”

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