The new deep litter cubicle cushion POLSTA: reports from practice


  • 10 cm thick "cushion" made of 2 functional layers

  • replaces the thick lower layer of litter in the difficult to be maintained head space of the deep litter cubicle

  • provides a consistently stable and comfortable sub-construction

  • offers easy management and saves litter

deep litter cubicle cushion made of rubber KRAIBURG POLSTA in schematic cross-section

Gerth operation, Büdingen, DE (DLG test operation)

  • approx. 65 dairy cows

  • deep litter cubicles with POLSTA

Mr and Mrs Gerth in front of their dairy cow house, Germany The dairy cows at Gerth farm lie comfortably in their deep litter cubicles, which are equipped with the rubber cushion KRAIBURG POLSTA

Achim Gerth, Büdingen, Germany, has a dairy farm with 65 cows. In May 2018, he equipped 16 of his deep litter cubicles with the deep litter cubicle cushion POLSTA.

"We installed 16 POLSTA mats for testing and we are very pleased with them. The cows immediately lay down into the newly equipped cubicles. Now the situation is, that the places with POLSTA are always occupied first.

Regarding the management, we save about a quarter of the litter. We have 5 digging cows in the cubicle house, that often dig out almost all the litter of the cubicles. With POLSTA this is no longer the case!"

Zerbe operation, Kamp-Lintfort, DE

  • approx. 240 dairy cows

  • cubicles with POLSTA

Mr. Zerbe in his dairy cow house while maintaing the deep litter cubicles comfortable deep litter cubicles with KRAIBURG POLSTA at Zerbe farm





 satisfied and relaxed cows in deep litter cubicles with the deep litter cubicle cushion KRAIBURG POLSTA comfortable deep litter cubicles with the deep litter cubicle cushion made of rubber KRAIBURG POLSTA

Theo Zerbe, Kamp-Lintfort, Germany, has a dairy farm with 240 cows. He converted his existing elevated cubicles into deep litter cubicles. In March 2018, 130 POLSTA mats were installed there.

"POLSTA is the optimal solution for our operation to establish a comfortable cubicle. Without this solution, a mattress in the head space wouldn't stay in place. With POLSTA the front area offers very good cow comfort. Obviously, our cows have a better lying behaviour than on the simple rubber cover that was installed before. They seem very relaxed when getting up and lying down.

We are excited about the mats and the easy management! You simply put in litter from the head space and from the walking alley, level it and you're done."

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