Claw health of soft-abrasive floors - Practical Experience
Claw health of soft-abrasive floors - Practical Experience

Claw health on soft-abrasive floors: reports from practice

Info KRAIBURG GummimattenKRAIBURG Gummimatte mit integriertem Schleifmittel für optimalen Klauenabrieb im MilchviehstallpediKURA® system:

80 % of the walking area is covered with soft KURA mats,
20 % with soft-abrasive pediKURA® mats.

Further development of this system: profiKURA
→ optimized claw abrasion throughout the cattle house

Hirl farm, Falkenberg, DE

  • 60 dairy cows
  • paved/concrete walkways with KURA/pediKURA®

  • elevated cubicles with WINGFLEX and ergoBOARD

With using special rubber mats with abrasive agent in the surface, the claw health has improved, the claw angle is idealfarm manager Mr. Hirl is very satisfied with the abrasive rubber mats from KRAIBURG in his cow house

The Hirl family covered the walking areas with KURA P from the beginning. In 2009 20 % of the walking areas were retrofitted with pediKURA®. The best place for these mats was in the areas in front of the milking robot and the crossing passages.

So far the farmer and his claw trimming specialist are very satisfied with the results. Claw health has improved even more since installation. The dorsal wall angle is almost the desired 45 - 50°, even a while after claw trimming, as the picture shows.

Waldemar Dietrich, Agricultural Company Ltd. Prösen, DE

  • 320 dairy cows
  • paved/concrete walkways and slatted floors with KURA/pediKURA®

a dairy cow from agricultural company Prösen presents her healthy claws on KRAIBURG rubber mats with integrated abrasive agent in the surfaceWaldemar Dietrich, agricultural company Prösen, reports positively about the claw condition of his cows kept on KRAIBURG abrasive rubber mats

"In the new cubicle house (2009), we installed KURA P and pediKURA® in the crossovers. According to our claw trimmer there is not more horn growth. Claw trimming is now more prophylactic, i.e. done for checking the claws."

Feitzinger farm, Straßwalchen, AT

  • 45 dairy cows
  • slatted floor with pediKURA® S system
  • elevated cubicles with KEW Plus

  • ergoMILK

farm manager Mr. Feitzinger reports about the advantages of abrasive rubber floorings in his dairy cow housemeasuring of claw angle on a cow of the Feitzinger farm - the claw angle is ideal

After the enlargement of the cattle house in 2009, the pediKURA® system was installed at Mr. Feitzinger's farm. The farmer observed that there are fewer side wall defects on the claws and that claw trimming goes faster. Since a new foot trimming box had to be bought recently, the claws are currently only trimmed when required. However, the claw form is almost ideal.

Hollersbacher farm, Tarsdorf, AT

  • 48 dairy cows
  • slatted floor with pediKURA® S system
  • milking parlour with KURA

The Hollersbacher farm has made good experiences with KRAIBURG´s soft-abrasive rubber matsThe claw abrasion at Hollersbacher farm works very good with the soft and abrasive rubber floorings from KRAIBURG

In 2000 the cows moved into the newly constructed cubicle house. The slatted floor was covered with the first KURA S variants. The latest variant has been in the cow house since 2006 and the system pediKURA® S was retrofitted as well.

"Since we also retrofitted with pediKURA®, it has had a beneficial effect on claw abrasion. Now we have the claws trimmed every 8 months, where before the claw trimmer came to our farm every 6 months."

Info ideale Klauenformmeasuring claw angle with KRAIBURG pediTesterIdeal claw form:

check the claws with the KRAIBURG pediKURA® Tester!
(Available at your local dealer or directly at KRAIBURG)

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