KRAIBURG rubber walkway flooring - advantages at a glance
KRAIBURG rubber walkway flooring - advantages at a glance

KRAIBURG walkway coverings – advantages at a glance

advantages of the soft KRAIBURG KURA walking area flooring made of rubber

  • ensure softness and improved slip resistance in the cattle house
  • increase walking comfort
    • support claw health, well being and mobility
    • promote feed intake and high yield
    • improve heat detection and increase reproduction rate
    • support longevity and reduce the stock replacement rate
  • good hygiene
  • can contribute to emission reduction (see p. 32 f.)
  • ice layers loosen themselves easier from the elastic cover
  • help to reduce noise and stress
  • faster milking through improved parlour entrance and exit and relaxed cows
  • suitable for both new construction and renovation

KRAIBURG quality

  • sturdy mats, permanently stable in position and form
  • puzzle compensates for natural thermal expansion, practically a seamless floor area
  • simple and fast installation
    • easy-to-handle single mats
    • prefabricated fixing points ease installation
    • floor renovation in the parlour possible between milking times
  • The walking area coverings can be driven on with standard equipment such as farm yard loader or tractor with authorized pneumatic tyres at the recommended inflation pressure up to max. 4 bar. (Notice: drive with due care and steer in large radius!)*


Walking area coverings with abrasive surface: foot care for the cow Naturboden ist weich, ausreichend rutschsicher und „pflegt“ die Klauen


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Speciality claw abrasion: walking area coverings with abrasive surface

Abrasive rubber floorings create optimized claw abrasion, very similar to conditions in nature, where sandy constituents in the elastic soil ensure that horn formation and abrasion are kept balanced.

With pediKURA und profiKURA the abrasive agent corundum and the special profiling integrated into the surface provide for gentle claw abrasion.

Abrasive corundum
      • the second hardest mineral after diamonds
      • does not react with acids and bases: best precondition for use in slurry environments
      • patented technology which has been well-proven in the KRAIBURG-group for many years
      • in practice, an exceptionally high level of sure-footedness has been demonstrated
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