Higher milk yield due to cow comfort

Higher milk yield due to animal-friendly lying and walking areas

higher milk yield due to animal-friendly elastic walking and lying areas in the cow house

source: Eelkema, W., Heikamp, R., Hopster, H., 2004

→ up to 400 kg more milk! 


Higher milk yield on a soft KRAIBURG mat

comparing lying areas:

higher milk yield with cows kept on soft KRAIBURG cubicle covering

Source: LfL Saxonia, 1999

→ about 1.5 kg more milk per cow and day!


Interrelation between higher milk yield and health status with different housing systems

Risk for... concrete

soft covers

udder diseases

teat lesions
early culling

Source: Ruud et al., 2010

→ soft lying covers result in higher milk yields and reduce the risk of udder diseases, teat lesions and early culling