Rubber has the properties of a natural product
Rubber has the properties of a natural product

Rubber properties

Rubber is a natural material and therefore has the properties of a “natural product”:

Thermal expansion:

Temperature changes cause changes in size.
These are not permanent, and always regenerate.

Extent: about 0.2 % per 10°C (= about 2 mm per meter per 10°C )

rubber contracts with coldrubber expands with heatwith cold:
rubber contracts


with heat:
rubber expands

through permanent load causes deformation of a rubber matRemaining deformation from load:

Mechanical loads can cause lasting changes in length and width.
Here the rubber quality plays an important role.

Extent: with KRAIBURG there is a maximum of only 1%.
(Here KRAIBURG quality speaks for itself.)

Why is correct installation so important?

Example: distance to the rear edge of the cubicle

extreme case: maximal change in size of a 1.83 m mat

  • remaining deformation: max. 1%

    → with a 1.83 m length: max. 1.8 cm

  • temperature dependent deformation: 0.2% temperature induced change for every 10°C

example: winter -10°C; summer 20°C = difference of 30°C (3 times 10° C)

→ with 1.83 cm mat length: 1.2 cm

Sum in this extreme case: 3 cm

⇒ distance to the cubicle rear edge: min. 3 cm!keep at least 3 cm distance to the rear concrete edge

when installing KRAIBURG WINGFLEX cubicle covering leave 0-3 cm distance to rear edge, it can be installed flush with rear concrete edge

  • WINGFLEX can be installed flush with the rear concrete edge, because the mat and profile are especially designed for that.


  • when installing KRAIBURG WELA LongLine cubicle covering leave minimum 5 cm distance to rear edgeWELA: keep at least 5 cm distance to rear concrete edge, as the distance will decrease considerably within the first days after installation.
Important: follow the installation instructions!
  • do not press together!
  • adjoin mats loosely!
  • comply with distance and joint instructions!
  • KEW Plus and WINGFLEX: apply the assembling tools!