Tool tips for installing rubber floorings / cubicle covers
Tool tips for installing rubber floorings / cubicle covers

Tools for installation


Measuring:tools for installing KRAIBURG rubber walkway floorings / cubicle coverings
  • measuring stick
  • tape measure
  • felt tip pen, marker
  • wax marking pen
  • chalk

recommendation, e.g.: edding 4000 deco marker yellow or white

  • mat cutting:
    • carpet knife
    • sharp kitchen knife
    • power jig saw with serrated blade (for board/soft materials)
    • hole saw (established sizes: 83 mm, 102 mm) 
  • cutting profiles:
    • power jig saw with saw blade for wood and plastic
    • hand saw

recommendation, e.g.: circular saw

  • rock drill:
    • diameter: e.g. 10 mm for 10 mm plugs
    • Minimum drill length:
      • 100 mm for 80 mm plugs
      • 120 mm for 100 mm plugs
      • 140 mm for 120 mm plugs
Installing nail and framing plugs:
  • hammer (weight of about 800 g generally sufficient)
  • 13 ring wrench or power screw driver
  • 13 socket with ratchet wrench
Punching fastening holes (for installing slat anchors):
  • KRAIBURG punching tool
    (1 punching tool lasts for approx. 80 fastenings)
  • punching pad made from plastic
  • silicone spray
  • hammer (weight of about 1500 - 2000 g)
Installing slat anchors:
  • 5 mm hex-wrench or power screw driver


  • to mark long lines make a chalk line, e.g. for mat positioning
  • use old jigsaw blades, grind saw teeth to a sharp blade
  • moisten or lubricate the blade a little
  • bend the mats / pull them slightly apart when cutting
  • grip small mat pieces with pliers
by the way: tips from practice are always welcome!
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