KURA walkway flooring for dairy cows – field report
KURA walkway flooring for dairy cows – field report

Tomb agricultural school and college, Norway

Einar Ostmo, Tomb agricultural school Norway, field report 10 years KRAIBURG KURA walkway flooring in the dairy cow cubicle houseProfile:

  • 60 dairy cows
  • paved concrete walkways with 238 m² pediKURA P system
  • since 2003

Tomb agricultural school and College in Norway has started using their new cattle house in August 2003, which has now been in production for 9 years with good results.

The new cow house was decided to be fully automated to minimize the working staff. On the other hand we had to take care about the animal welfare regulations that were made new for Norway in 1998. Therefore we ended up with a housing system that had a milking robot (AMS-system), stationary feed mixing equipment (PMR) and rubber flooring in all the walking alleys and hydraulic manure scrapers.

Dipl.-Ing. agr. Einar Østmo, teacher for housing systems and agricultural engineering at Tomb agricultural school in Norway describes his experiences:

“After we moved the cows into the cubicle house, we can observe that all the animals have a very satisfying environment. The cow is free to do what she wants to do, and we have noticed a very calm and quiet atmosphere.

KRAIBURG KURA P walking alley flooring made of rubber in the dairy cow cubicle house, Tomb agricultural school Norway

Tomb agricultural school Norway, dairy cow cubicle house, field report 10 years KRAIBURG KURA walkway flooring in the dairy cow cubicle house

We also observe that the animals have a high confidence in the floor, because they often quit running, jumping and do bulling on each other.

Our main concern is to take care of the cows´ legs and claws. When the cows were fixed to the feeding table in the old cow house, we made the claws once a year. Today we need claw trimming three times a year, but up till now, we have been so lucky so we have not yet used any medicination to cure claw diseases.

With recommendations from Sweden, we have just installed pediKURA rubber in all the crossing alleys and in the waiting area in front of the milking robot, to see if this will reduce the claw trimming. This installation was done in March, and we have too short experience yet to say if this will be better for the claw health

Our experience with the rubber mats is that they have a good quality. After nine years we can hardly notice any wear, if there actually is some. The form stability is good, and they still cover every inch of the concrete. ...”

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