pediKURA walkway flooring for dairy cows – field report
pediKURA walkway flooring for dairy cows – field report

pediKURA field reports

KRAIBURG field report pediKURA, Mr. HirlFamily Hirl


Family: Hirl, Falkenberg, Germany

Farm: 60 dairy cows, manufacturers feed mixing distribution carts

mats: 180 m² KURA P + pediKURA, WINGFLEX and ergoBOARD

In 2005 the Hirl family moved their cows into new loose housing with a milking robot and room for 60 cows. They covered the walking areas with KURA P from the beginning. In Tobias Hirl’s opinion it is important to continuously optimize cow comfort and the economic efficiency of the farm.

In 2009 20 % of the walking areas were retrofitted with pediKURA. The best place for these mats was in the areas in front of the milking robot and the crossing passages.

So far the farmer and his claw trimming specialist are very satisfied with the results. Claw health has improved even more since installation. The dorsal wall angle is almost the desired 45-50°, even a while after claw trimming, as the picture shows.

field report KRAIBURG pediKURA, healthy claw with claw check, ideal claw form, Hirl, Germany

In Mr. Hirl’s opinion, well designed and dimensioned cubicles, as well as regular maintenance of cubicles and walking passages are important for healthy claws.

In essence this young farmer would advise everyone to focus on the comfort of the cows, because “in every cow herd possibilities lie dormant”, which can be exhausted with the appropriate measures. He recommends KRAIBURG rubber mats to everyone!

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