pediKURA walkway flooring for dairy cows – field report
pediKURA walkway flooring for dairy cows – field report

pediKURA field report

field report KRAIBURG pediKURA, Feitzinger, AustriaFamily Feitzinger


Family: Feitzinger, Straßwalchen, Austria

Farm: 45 dairy cows

mats: 240 m² KURA S + pediKURA, KEW, ergoMILK

In 2009 the Feitzinger family enlarged their old loose housing so that 45 dairy cows could be kept there. During this expansion they also decided to cover the walking areas with the pediKURA system.

Until then the walking areas had been treated with acid when they became too slippery; and according to Mr. Feitzinger, that helped for about a year.

For this family the major factor in buying the mats was the high comfort level for the animals. They had intensively contemplated this subject prior to decision making, had visited several cow houses with the respective mats and, among other things, had watched a video from KRAIBURG.

field report KRAIBURG field report pediKURA, healthy claw with pediTester, ideal claw form, Feitzinger, Austria

The farmer observed that there are fewer side wall defects on the claws and that claw trimming goes faster. Since a new foot trimming box had to be bought recently, the claws are currently only trimmed when required. However, the claw form is almost ideal.

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