Meyer farm, Hude, Germany

KRAIBURG KURA rubber flooring made of rubber in the rotary parlour carousel, Meyer, GermanyProfile:

  • 170 dairy cows
  • rotary parlour
  • 43 m² KURA Rotary
  • since 2003

Mathias Meyer:

“A problem we used to have was that our cows stood restlessly in the rotary parlour. The concrete was slippery and it was uncomfortable for them to stand on the screws.

Since we’ve had KRAIBURG mats in the rotary parlour, the cows like to walk in and they stand comfortably and calmly. Even when it’s moist, the cows have good footing, because their claws sink in.

It is also very advantageous in winter that the ice breaks when the cows step on it.”

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