KURA walkway flooring for dairy cows – field report
KURA walkway flooring for dairy cows – field report

Laabs farm, Knüllwald-Remsfeld, Germany

Hans-Heinrich Laabs, field report 10 years KRAIBURG KURA walking alley flooring in the dairy cow cubicle houseProfile:

  • 60 dairy cows
  • paved concrete walkways with 300 m² KURA P
  • since 2003

In 2004 the new dairy cow cubicle house with a milking robot was constructed. The walkways were covered with KURA P.

Hans-Heinrich Laabs:

“Natural cow movement positively affects heat detection and through this we have achieved higher pregnancy rates.

Furthermore, cow activity is very important on our farm, because they have to walk voluntarily and more often to get milked than on farms with a conventional milking system. On the average we have a 3.5 milking frequency per cow and day. This proves that our cows like to walk on KRAIBURG rubber mats.

Also the official vet noticed immediately, how relaxed and straight backed the cows walk and not – as can be observed on many other farms – tread cautiously ahead with arched backs. The claw trimmer is enthusiastic about how nicely shaped and healthy the claws are. He only has to trim them, not treat them.

KRAIBURG KURA P walking alley flooring made of rubber in the dairy cow cubicle house, Laabs farm, Germany since 2003The cubicle house is now about 8 years old, the mats have been there the whole time. We are still very satisfied and have only had positive experiences until now. The mats look like they did in the beginning and have never been torn out, although the scraper runs often. In the meantime we installed KURA P again in the extension.”

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