KRAIBURG KKM cubicle covering for dairy cows – field report
KRAIBURG KKM cubicle covering for dairy cows – field report

Dandl farm, Asten, Germany, KKM 

Family Dandl has rebuilt their tying stalls into a cubicle house in 2002. Their 70 cows now lie on KKM:

KRAIBURG KKM cubicle coverings for dairy cows made of rubber in practice, Dandl farm, Germany"The cows have acclimated quickly in the new cubicle house and accepted the cubicles with the soft KKM mats very well.

From a labour economical point of view, the mats are great. We like to go skiing or hiking in the mountains and therefore it is important for us to have the work done quickly in the morning. The maintenance is very simple and fast.

Since the cows are in the new cubicle house, the joint health is very good. The mats still look like new, we think that they will fulfill their function for a very long time. The next good thing about the single mats is that you can very easily replace one or two of them if there really should appear wear some time.

We are very satisfied with the mats and would buy them again."

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