cubicle covering KEW Plus for dairy cows – field report
cubicle covering KEW Plus for dairy cows – field report

Markus Brunen, Nettetal, Germany, KEW Plus

Mister Brunen, Nettetal, Germany, manages a dairy farm with currently 1,400 dairy cows. In 2004, he was one of the first who installed and tested KEW Plus mats. Meanwhile, all 1,400 cubicles are covered with the mats.

"I tried many things before I got the KEW Plus mats. All lying mat systems that I installed before became damaged or hard after some time. But a lying mat needs to be soft, so that the cows like to lie down. The KEW Plus mats serve this purpose entirely. As soon as the cows are back in the cow house from milking, they lie immediately down on the mats. The animals accept the rubber mats very well and are very clean. To bind fluids, I only spread some sawdust onto the KEW Plus.

Before I changed to elevated cubicles, I had deep litter cubicles as lying areas. But these are very labor-intensive in comparison to elevated cubicles and require a lot of litter. The elevated cubicles with KEW Plus reduced the amount of litter as well as the amount of work significantly since I have them. I only need 10 minutes for cleaning and littering the 150 cubicles per cow group. The investment in the mats was definitely worth it."

Cows on KEW PlusMr. Brunen in the cubicle houseLittered cubicles with KEW Plus

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