News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber
News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

Elevated cubicles help against heat stress

Elevated cubicles help against heat stress

"Cows prefer elevated cubicles to deep litter cubicles in summer"

This statement can be heard from farmers who have both systems (elevated cubicles and deep litter cubicles) in their cow house. But this works only with animal-friendly soft rubber mats.

However, cows do not only accept KRAIBURG comfort mats very well at high temperatures.

From 16° C, the daily lying time decreases

Depending on the milk yield, cows already suffer from heat stress starting at temperatures of 16 - 20° C. This is quickly noticeable when a striking number of animals is "standing around" in the walking alley. Also in summer, these standing periods should be kept as short as possible, as the claws are additionally strained thereby.

Besides fans in the lying area, elevated cubicles with rubber mats can help to animate the animals to lie down.

Rubber is not equal to rubber

The secret lies in the rubber, because the composition of rubber compounds varies enormously. The KRAIBURG recipe has ideal heat-conducting properties. At high temperatures, the KRAIBURG comfort mats help to dissipate excess heat from the lying animal.

Advantages of elevated cubicles with soft rubber mats and minimal litter:

  • significantly less work intensive than deep litter cubicles
  • rubber surface is significantly cooler than a straw-manure mattress  
  • increase lying comfort in summer
  • keep claw straining standing times small
Furthermore, products such as WINGFLEX, KEW Plus or WELA are animal friendly soft - even with a minimum amount of litter.

In the face of persistently high temperatures, every opportunity should be taken to preserve the animals' lying time and hence their health and performance.
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