Merkliste mit ausgewählten KRAIBURG Stallmatten aus Gummi
Merkliste mit ausgewählten KRAIBURG Stallmatten aus Gummi


SIESTA Gummibodenbelag für Abkalbe- / Quarantäneboxen Produktdetailbild

For steep passages with a slope of more than 6 %, e. g. ascents and descents, travel lanes, crossing passages, collecting yards, ...

  • V-shaped, raised rib profile
    • gives the claw foothold
    • facilitates the drainage of liquids
  • square imprinting between the ribs improves the grip
  • walkable in both directions
  • tested in practice on up to 15 % slope so far

thickness: 24 mm

width × length
65/130 cm × 200 cm


at least 9 fastenings / slim mat resp. 10 fastenings / wide mat*

* Please take notice of the corresponding KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions with useful advice and tips.

The products presented here should only be used for the mentioned applications. Technical specifications are subject to alterations. All sales are subject to our General Terms and Conditions. Legal basis is the German version of the document.

rib profile on the surface

stable groove profile on lower side for high stress

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