ergoMILK ergonomic rubber mat for the milking pit
ergoMILK ergonomic rubber mat for the milking pit


ergoMILK ergonomic rubber mat for the milking pit product picture

Cow comfort - naturally! And what about man?

The ergonomic mat for the milker in the milking pit

  • feels pleasantly soft underfoot
  • slip resistant diamond surface: elastic and secure underfoot
  • heat insulating
  • simple installation
  • easy to clean and disinfect

thickness: 17 mm   

width × length:
puzzle shaped edges on the 2 long sides: 95 cm × 173/350 cm
puzzle shaped edges on 4 sides: 95 cm × 170 cm

Prerequisites / tips on installation:
  • subsurface must be even and clean
  • lay out using floating method (no plugging and further fastening)
  • lay out mats, do not press them together (join loosely)
  • lay out completely to avoid stumbling edges!
  • maintain a 2 to 15 cm distance to the edge (side wall): cleaning gutter
  • for adjustments at site, the mats can easily be cut with a sharp knife
    tip: moisten the knife and cut along a guide batten laid against the mat

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lower side profile: 5 mm high, deformable studs

diamond surface

puzzle: the clean seam

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