rubber floorings / cubicle coverings especially for young cattle
rubber floorings / cubicle coverings especially for young cattle

Especially for young cattle

Individually tailor-made slatted floor covers

The mats are generally dimensioned according to the guidelines established by our specialists. The slatted floor must be suitable for covering with KRAIBURG mats.

slatted floor is measured for producing tailor-made slatted floor coverins made of rubberwith CAD software the slatted floor coverings are individually dimensionedthe slatted floor coverings made of rubber are cut out with water jet technologyindividually tailor-made slatted floor coverings have been produced
slatted floor is measured

with modern CAD software the mats are individually

based on the CAD created drawing, the slits are cut exactly into the mats with innovative water jet technology

For young cattle up to 250 kg animal weight (or up to 350 kg, if the animals are kept in the same pen for the whole fattening period) KURA S »KURA SB » can be used.

With higher weights we recommend LOSPA swiss / LOSPA SB for higher stress.

Important: Balanced feeding is a requirement for clean animals.

LOSPA swiss

LOSPA swiss slatted floor covering made of rubber for cattle

for every slatted floor geometry in bull fattening or for heifers

  • individually tailor-made
  • increased animal comfort
  • less injuries
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LOSPA swiss Spaltenbodenauflage aus Gummi für Rinder in Buchtenhaltung

for common longitudinal and transverse slats in bull fattening or for heifers

  • curved surface with slope towards the slit increases cleanliness
  • individually tailor-made
  • improved surefootedness and enhanced animal comfort
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CALMA rubber cubicle covering especially for cattle

lying mat CALMA:

  • pleasant and permanent softness through air-cushion-like lower side profile
  • puzzle connection ensures a practically seamless floor area - can be installed very flexibly
  • dividers can be adapted to the growing size of the animals without any difficulty
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For heifers you could also use our cubicle coverings for dairy cattle ».