rubber mats for deep litter cubicles
rubber mats for deep litter cubicles


maxiBOX Komfort-Tiefbox aus Gummi-Komponenten für die Milchkuh Produktdetailbild

NEW: the deep litter cubicle cushion

  • 10 cm thick "cushion" made of 2 functional layers
    • lower mat with blade profile
      → ideal shock absorption of the concentrated load when the cow gets up or lies down
    • upper mat with big air cushions
      → retains the upper layer of litter especially well and is pliably soft
  • replaces the thick lower layer of litter in the difficult to be maintained head space of the deep litter cubicle
    → provides a consistently stable and comfortable sub-construction
    → is gentle on the carpal joints

  • offers easy management and saves litter

  • deep litter cubicle system remains unchanged at the rear

System dimensions:

thickness: 100 mm
width: 110 cm
91 cm


9 fixings / lying place*

* Please take notice of the corresponding KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions with useful advice and tips.

The products presented here should only be used for the mentioned applications. Technical specifications are subject to alterations. All sales are subject to our General Terms and Conditions. Legal basis is the German version of the document.

cross-section: upper and lower mat

fixings are countersunk in the stable surrounding edge

smooth transition from rubber cushion to litter

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