maxiBOX comfort deep litter cubicle for dairy cows
maxiBOX comfort deep litter cubicle for dairy cows


maxiBOX rubber comfort deep litter cubicle for dairy cows product picture

For elevated deep litter cubicles

  • 4-component system consisting of rubber cover (roll) + rubber brisket board + rubber profile with drainage at rear curb + profile at side as side lying area boundary
  • ensures year-round functional safety and consistent comfort
  • recommended littering depth: 3 - 5 cm

maxiLONGLINE - rubber cover (roll):

  • lasting softness through a pliant and highly wear resistant air cushioned profile
  • integrated slope at the rear, as well as drainage grooves and openings, facilitate liquid drainage flow
  • intelligent surface profile retains litter especially well, is slip-resistant when getting up or lying down

maxiSTEP - rubber profile at rear:

  • elastic and ergonomically chamfered for comfortable lying down and lying
  • litter losses are minimized
  • integrated drainage for liquids

maxiBOARD - rubber brisket board:

  • animal-friendly, elastic and robust
  • ideally complements the cubicle control devices
  • allows comfortable changing of lying positions
  • easy to put in litter from the head space

maxiPROFIL - profile at side as side lying area boundary:

  • easy installation on the mat
  • less litter material gets out of place
Prerequisites for the concrete surface (lying area):
  • at least a 3 % slope
  • about 10 cm high


length of lying area - exterior dimensions:
200 cm
effective length for lying: 190 cm
length of lying area - interior dimensions: 174 cm

30 mm
length × width: 2.5 - 50 m in 10 cm steps × 180 cm (custom dimensions on request)

length × width × height:
175 cm × 12 cm × 12.5 cm

length × width × height:
175 cm × 13 cm × 11 cm

maxiPROFIL XL as side lying area boundary on maxiLONGLINE, for closure at side edges, for covering joints:

length: 173 cm
width × height: 13 cm × 8 cm


7 fastenings each for maxiBOARD and maxiSTEP, maxiLONGLINE is fastened at the same time with maxiBOARD on the concrete floor, 5 screws / maxiPROFIL XL*

* Please take notice of the corresponding KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions with useful advice and tips.

The products presented here should only be used for the mentioned applications. Technical specifications are subject to alterations. All sales are subject to our General Terms and Conditions. Legal basis is the German version of the document.

maxiBOX in practical use

air cushion profile brings consistent softness


beginning layer formation

maxiSTEP (profile at rear)

maxiBOARD (brisket board)

maxiPROFIL (profile at side)

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