LOSPA swiss slatted floor covering made of rubber for cattle
LOSPA swiss slatted floor covering made of rubber for cattle

LOSPA swiss

LOSPA swiss slatted floor covering made of rubber for cattle product picture

Developed in cooperation with Swiss bull fatteners - especially for slatted floors in bull fattening or for heifers

For every slatted floor geometry

  • increased lying comfort
  • improved heat insulation
  • improved slip resistance
  • reduces the risks of injuries and of culling
  • reinforced surface for high stress
  • with bull fattening: enhances weight gain and shortens fattening period

Flexible single mats with elastic fastenings:

  • sturdy and thick mats + patented fastening system → permanently stable in position and form (mat weight approx. 20 kg/m²)
  • allows for the necessary movement between rigid concrete and elastic rubber
  • individual installation improves durability (flexible rubber and rigid concrete are very different materials, a fixed connection between rubber and concrete could therefore easily break)
  • single mats can easily be installed or exchanged anytime, independent of the concrete slatted floor

individually tailor-made
The mats are generally dimensioned according to the guidelines established by our specialists taking into account regional requirements. The slatted floor must be suited for covering with KRAIBURG mats.*

thickness: 20 mm  
width × length: tailor-made   

Prerequisites for slatted floors:
  • slit width: starting at 30 mm
  • Slat widths up to 140 mm are recommended to keep the animals satisfactorily clean.

IMPORTANT: Balanced feeding is a requirement for clean animals.

For young cattle up to 250 kg animal weight (or up to 350 kg, if the animals are kept in the same pen for the whole breeding period) KURA S » / KURA SB » can be used. 


easy and fast installation with corresponding, patented rubber pegs *

* Please take notice of the corresponding KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions with useful advice and tips.  

The products presented here should only be used for the mentioned applications. Technical specifications are subject to alterations. All sales are subject to our General Terms and Conditions. Legal basis is the German version of the document.

reinforced grip-surface for high stress

stable groove profile for high stress

optimised fastening system: reinforced rubber peg with surrounding rim - flush with the mat

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