Lying and walking as in nature: animal comfort for fattening bulls, veal and beef calves

For every development we follow the example set by nature. Our robust floor coverings have a high dimensional stability and offer optimum comfort levels – and this for the long term. They are simple to install, easy to clean and disinfect and suitable for both new construction and renovation.

The goal is an economic solution with focus on animal health.

What are the effects of the rubber floorings in fattening bulls / calves housing?

Enhanced animal comfort:

  • more natural physical activity: natural behaviour such as mounting other animals and rank fights can take place without the risk of the animals slipping
  • natural lying behaviour, as rubber floorings help to reduce extreme joint straining when lying down and standing up
  • thermal insulation properties enhance welfare and energy balance (specifically important for houses with an outdoor climate and which have no straw bedding material)

Supports bulls´and calves´health:

  • improved claw health
  • less tail tip injuries
  • better carpal joint health (less carpal hygroma!)

Higher productivity:

  • higher weight gain through improved animal health, more frequent feed intake and better feed conversion
  • thereby considerably shorter fattening period than with fully slatted pens without rubber coverings
  • less diseased animals and losses
  • lower costs of vets and treatments

Investing in animal comfort pays off!

The LOSPA swiss rubber covering for slatted floors was developed in cooperation with Swiss bull fatteners and has proven successfully in practice for many years. Positive effect and practical use examined closely: the practical use and reliability and the positive effects on animal well-being of LOSPA swiss were scientifically examined at several institutions and organisations in Germany (FLI Celle, LMU Munich, LfL Bayern), Switzerland (BVET) and Austria (VU Vienna).

The newer slatted floor coverings LOSPA SB  and KURA SB with curved survace and slope towards the slit enhance the cleanliness of floor and animals even further and offer additional sure-footedness.



KRAIBURG warranty*

slatted floor
LOSPA swissclaw friendly and more slip-resistant cover for slatted floors 5 years

rubber cover for common longitudinal and transverse slats with reinforced, curved surface

5 years

rubber cover for longitudinal and transverse slits on common concrete or wooden slats with curved surface

5 years
KKM LongLinethe popular KKM single mat as continuous system 10 years
KIM LongLineinnovative continuous system with supple, highly wear resistant air cushion profile 10 years
CALMAsingle mat with puzzle interlocking system: pleasant softness through air cushion-like lower side profile

 10 years 

paved/concrete floor

KURA Pclaw friendly and more sure-footed cover for paved/concrete floors

 5 years 

The products presented here should only be used for the mentioned applications. Technical specifications are subject to alterations. All sales are subject to our General Terms and Conditions. Legal basis is the German version of the document.

thickness: +3/-2 mm
length + width: +/- 1.5 % (DIN ISO 3302-1 tolerance class M4)
The tolerances also apply within the mat and when installed.



The new slatted floor cover for fattening of veal calves and beef calves with curved surface and slope towards the slit. more »



The new slatted floor cover for bull fattening with reinforced, curved surface and slope towards the slit. more »

rubber floorings in action

rubber floorings in action rubber floorings in action

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From Research & Development

From Research & Development From Research & Development

Independent scientific studies confirm the positive effects of KRAIBURG slatted floor coverings in bull fattening. more »


Installation Installation

The installation of KRAIBURG rubber floorings works easy and fast. Get useful tips and watch installation videos. more »

covering fully slatted pens

covering fully slatted pens covering fully slatted pens

For fully slatted pens we recommend the full covering of the pens. In the case of partially covered pens, please notice our criteria for covering fully slatted pens. more »