Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

"KRAIBURG Rubber" - What is so good about our rubber products?

The tyre delivers the raw material for KRAIBURG rubbertruck and car with tires made of high-grade rubber... just provided for your safety
on the road:

tyres are made of extremely
high-grade rubber

KRAIBURG raw material:

the best from the tyre

Rubber granules and buffing dust are extracted from tyre recyling

KRAIBURG rubber does not consist regenerate, chalk and other components which lessen quality

Our purity rule:

no regenerate, chalk and other low-quality components, which lessen the quality and are disadvantageous to the environment

KRAIBURG rubber mixture is a high quality raw material

Unique KRAIBURG mixing process:

tyre granules

+ high quality caoutchoucs and
vulcanization systems

+ gentle processing

Priority: resource saving

Very high quality mixture:

important tyre properties are retained:

→ dimensionally stable / elastic

→ resistant to abrasion

These are the results:

KRAIBURG rubber mat - example WELA LongLine

Through closely coordinated product development, application technology and process engineering, good final products with no compromises have been developed.

Elastic floorings for cattle and sow housing:

mats can be produced voluminously with very distinctive profiles

→ soft

→ positionally stable

→ durable

InfoBy the way: „New rubber“ is not a defined quality term!

Some speak of „new rubber“ even for mixtures with a minimal percentage of caoutchouc.


Where does our raw material come from?
(Rubber granules and rubber buffing dust)

1. Rubber granules from recycled tyres

Whole tyres are shredded; the basic materials are textile, steel and rubber, which are separated

The sequence shows the preparation of rubber granules from tire recycling


2. Buffing dust from tyre retreading

The tyre tread is scraped off

The sequence shows the extraction of buffing dust from tire retreading

3. Additional raw materials

further raw materials for the unique KRAIBURG rubber

=> The right mix is the key!

images: Estato, KRAIBURG Austria

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