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Milk loss from lameness

Based on Locomotion Scoring the resulting milk losses can be calculated

Systematic lameness assessment (locomotion scoring) indirectly shows the claw health status. Lame cows eat less and hence produce less milk. (Source: JoDee Sattler, Midwest Dairy Business, 2002)

Investment in claw-friendly walking areas pays off in a short time!

Milk yield according to locomotion score / lameness

source: Peter Robinson, UCDAVIS

locomotion scoring of dairy cattle by Zinpro

Source: Zinpro

tip: you can easily calculate milk losses from lameness!  


Example ABC
Cows with score 1 (not lame)506363
Cows with score 2 (mildly lame)333036
Cows with score 3 (moderately lame)171218
Cows with score 4 (lame)13102
Cows with score 5 (severely lame)751
Number of cows observed: 120
Milk price: 0,30 €/Liter
Milk production level of the herd: 35 Liter/Tag
Herd size: 120


locomotion score
Average daily milk losses1.461.240.48litres/cow
Revenue lost52.2844.4817.18€/day/herd

Source: Zinpro

Not taken into account are further costs like: reduced fertility, vet costs, excessive weight loss, withdrawal period from medicinal treatment, increased replacement,...

Bench marks for a healthy herd

Locomotion scoregoal
175 %
215 %
39 %
 40,5 %
 50,5 %

Source: Steve Berry, University of California-Davis

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