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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Effects of walking area coverings on fertility of dairy cows

Study on the effects of walking area covers on various fertility parameters.

The most important reproduction parameter is the calving-to-conception interval.

The calving-to-conception interval or the non-pregnant period is the time span between calving and the next conception. In publications the economic losses resulting from a longer calving-to-conception interval are estimated to be € 3.50 per day.

The services per conception index is the average number of inseminations per pregnancy, 1.8 is given as a benchmark for dairy cows (

Objective of the study:

Comparing the reproductive performance of dairy cows in a loose housing system on conventional concrete slatted flooring to that on slatted floors with elastic rubber covers (KURA S, KRAIBURG)


30 cows in their first and second lactations were divided into two groups and observed under comparable keeping conditions. There one group was kept on concrete slatted flooring, the other group on slatted flooring with tailor-made rubber covers.


walkway floorings made of rubbber improve fertility of dairy cows


More cow comfort through elastic walking area covers (KURA S) can improve economically important operating figures like services per conception and the calving-to-conception interval.

In the study presented, € 136.50 per cow and year were saved through shorter calving-toconception intervals!

Source: Kremer, P.V. et al., 2008: Reproduktion Traits in Dairy Cows on Elastic or Concrete Flooring, XXV. World Buiatrics Congress“ Budapest, 2008

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