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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Hygiene on / underneath KURA mats

In the walking alley:

KURA S rubber cover compared to a concrete slatted floor

hygiene in the walking alley: no difference in germ climate between concrete and rubber floor

Source: Reiter, Partes, Koßmann: “Effect of walking area covers on the behaviour and hygienic conditions of dairy cows”, Germany, 2006 (Einfluss von Laufflächenbelägen auf das Verhalten und die hygienischen Bedingungen bei Milchkühen)

  • No significant microbial climate change in the stable after installing mats
  • No difference between the upper and lower sides of the rubber cover

In the parlour:

hygiene parlour legend KRAIBURG practical experience

hygiene in the milking parlour: total microbe count lowest on rubber compared to concrete


The microbe count was always lowest on the rubber surface.

soiling underneath rubber mats has no effect on hygiene in the milking parlour

  • The soiling underneath the mat had no effect on mat hygiene.

  • Microbial stress increases and decreases seasonally. An important aspect: the lowest microbe counts are always on the mat surface.

Source: Bavarian Animal Health Service, Central Institute 2008 (Tiergesundheitsdienst Bayern e.V., Zentralinstitut)

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