Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

KRAIBURG focus: kompaktes Fachwissen zur Rinderhaltung vom Spezialisten für Stallmatten aus Gummi

Puzzled walking alley mats prove
their quality

KRAIBURG walking alley mats have now been installed in barns for almost 20 years. The standard design as solid puzzle mats has proven its worth thousands of times over in practical applications. A good reason to take a closer look at walking areas in terms of the natural properties of rubber...

Puzzled rubber mats in the walking alley

Rubber needs space

Rubber is a natural product that – just like other materials – expands when warm and contracts when cold. Even fabric incorporated into the material is unable to prevent this happening. High-quality processed rubber mats do not require fabric, as they retain their form permanently. As with all rubber products, the material's
expansion properties must be taken into account during installation.

Puzzle compensates for differences in temperature

Rubber mats are installed under slight tension, especially at low temperatures. The individual 1.25 m long
mats can be pulled apart very easily at the puzzle seam during installation. Comparable to an expansion joint,
temperature fluctuations can thus be compensated for during use. The recommended temperature range for installation is 5–30° C.

Scraper and rubber mat interaction

For trouble-free interaction of rubber mats and scrapers, it is essential to check and adjust the scraper
setting regularly. To compensate for slight deviations in the scraper setting, a distance of 1 cm to the
guiding rail on both sides is recommended for KRAIBURG mats. The puzzle mats are also advantageous in this respect: each individual mat can be optimally aligned to the centre guidance (easy to implement, for
example, with a wooden assembling aid along the centre guidance).
(For further information, see KRAIBURG scraper guidelines and installation instructions)

KRAIBURG Icon focus Fachwissen kompakt

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Puzzled walking alley mats prove their quality