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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

What makes walking areas sure-footed?

Cows need a slip-resistant ground
Cows need a slip-resistant ground

Near-natural sinking in offers the claw sufficient slip-resistance, which is the key to animal-friendly walking comfort.

Sinking in gives the claw support

Concrete in walking alleys, usually slip-resistant when new, gets more
slippery after only a few years’ use (due to mechanical and chemical wear), not fulfilling the minimum requirements regarding slip-resistance any longer (according to tests carried out by the DLG, the coefficient of sliding friction must exceed 0.45). On soft rubber, the claw can sink in, which gives it the necessary support. The sensibly higher coefficient of sliding friction confirms the better slip-resistance of a rubber floor compared to a hard floor.

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KRAIBURG profiKURA with corundum – even more grip

Large walking areas in well-aerated cattle houses often happen to dry in summer, which is generally positive. Regardless of the type of floor (no matter whether concrete, rubber, tarmac or …), the dung’s drying surface can develop slippery smear layers – very much like a banana skin (dry surface, humid lower side). In this case, rubber mats with abrasive corundum incorporated in the surface promote considerably higher grip. profiKURA rubber flooring by KRAIBURG offers this unique function and is therefore the best possible alternative for any walking area in the cattle house.

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