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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Standing comfort & elevated feed stalls

Elevated feedstalls - more standing comfort
Elevated feedstalls - more standing comfort

Standing is an unnatural behavior for cattle, but it is unavoidable in cattle houses. The main part of the "standing time" is spent with eating. Therefore, it is important that the cows stand claw-friendly during eating - that means soft and hygienically dry.

With scraper manure removal, the animals are disturbed while they are eating. In addition, the claws get in contact with faeces and urine while eating, which promotes infectious claw diseases. If the floor is also hard, mechanical-traumatic claw damages can occur.

Elevated feedstalls with rubber flooring for soft and hygienic standing

A Swedish study confirms the significant reduction of claw diseases due to elevated feedstalls. With dividers, lower ranking animals are also less displaced and can eat undisturbed.

Bergsten, C., 2002

  • animals can eat undisturbed
  • Higher cleaning frequency possible
  • 1.6 m feedstall + 2.5 m walking alley
  • no extra space required