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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

More frequent mounting – better heat detection

Natural behaviour through better slip-restistance
Natural behaviour through better slip-restistance

Several signs shown by the animals make it possible to evaluate the slip-resistance of walking areas. When the cows feel secure, they walk quickly, with big steps and with their heads raised. Frequent mounting during heat as well as licking on three legs are other important cow signals indicating a slip-resistant floor.

More frequent mounting

Platz et al., 2007

Clearer signs of heat through
more frequent mounting with
KRAIBURG KURA: even on soft
floors it is normal for active animals to slip occasionally – nevertheless this does not stop natural behaviours. Soft floors also greatly reduce the risk of injury.

Improved heat detection

Werny, 2014

A hard and slippery ground may contribute to silent heat. Clear signs of
heat, such as unrestricted mounting, are an important part of fertility
management. Studies show that increased mounting on cow-friendly
walking areas has a positive effect on heat detection.

More licking on three legs

Platz et al., 2007

Cows will stand on three legs
whilst licking only when they
feel secure about the ground
they are standing on.

This behaviour is therefore an
important sign of sufficient
sure-footedness. Another positive: licking of the cleft between udder and thigh helps to prevent eczema in that area.