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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Designing walkway mats

tyre profile with deep profiling

The most important properties walkway mats should have: softness and slip resistance.

For this reason the first thought many manufacturers have is to develop rubber mats with deep profiling – similar to tyres. The purpose of deep profiling is to provide grip.

tyre: water and mud are pushed out of the tread groovesComparing tyres under heavy use

water and mud clog the profile and must be removed from the tread grooves

claw stands in dirt on deeply profiled walking area matsDeep profiled walkway mat

an effect similar to the tyre: the profile is clogged with moisture and dirt

  • cleaning is hardly possible
  • during weight bearing: moisture and dirt are pressed onto the claw
  • this causes a germ infested, moist environment for the claw
  • it is critical in our opinion – the danger of infectious claw diseases increases

Soft floors demonstrably improve mechanical-traumatic claw diseases

→ so it would make no sense if deep profiled mats promoted infectious claw diseases

KRAIBURG profiKURA walking alley mat for softness + grip without disadvantages in cleaningOur solution: profiKURA

  • softness is gentle on the claw and promotes grip
  • furthermore, we incorporate corundum into the surface – corundum is the second hardest mineral in the world after diamonds

    → this makes the surface – even without deep tread grooves – more slip-proof, without restricting cleaning measures

Result: profiKURA = softness + grip without disadvantages in cleaning

It is always true: it’s the little things – here the corundum granules – that make the whole thing complete.

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