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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Claw health

Soft conditions underfoot, less claw damage
Soft conditions underfoot, less claw damage

Cows naturally are soft soil walkers. It stands to reason then that dairy cows are oftenafflicted with pressure-related claw diseases (e. g. sole ulcers, double soles, white linedisease). Cows' problems with hard floors are due to anatomical reasons.

Difference in length of inner and outer claw

The outer claw is naturally about 2 - 3 mm longer, so the cow steps first on the outer claw. On a hard floor, this outer claw must bear the pressure peak of the cow's full weight on its own. This unnatural, strong pressure on such a small area increases the risk of mechanicaltraumatic claw diseases, 80 % involving the hind outer claws, indicating overloading as the main cause.

If the outer claw can sink into a soft floor, the cow's
weight will be distributed over the entire area including both claws. This prevents overloading and provides balance for slight misalignments. Increased activity improves blood circulation and nutrient supply. It also improves the quality of the growing horn – making it more resilient against mechanical and bacterial impacts.

KRAIBURG rubber floorings relieve pressure to claws

Incorrrect load: hard
floors invariably apply
pressure peaks, especially to the outer claw.

Natural sinking in by
approx. 3 mm and even
pressure distribution

Pressure measurements carried out on bovine claws
by the University of Leipzig: reduced pressure peaks
through use of rubber (rather than concrete), leading
to better pressure distribution – more similar to
pasture ground.

Oehme et al., 2018

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